Finn's Paekakariki Restaurant and Bar

Finn's Paekakariki Restaurant

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Friday for brunch 11am-3pm
Saturday and Sunday for brunch 9am-3pm
Tuesday-Sunday for dinner 6pm-8.30pm

Brunch Menu

Eggs on toast scrambled, fried or poached with toasted bread 13.00

Creamy mushrooms with red wine and sage on toast served with bacon  21.00

Belgium Waffles - your choice of bacon, banana and maple syrup or berries, cream and maple syrup  19.50

Finn's breakfast with eggs, bacon sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, potato rosti and toast 24.50

Vegetarian option available

Bacon sandwich with caramelised onions, tomato, tasty cheese and lettuce 16.0

Omelette - light fluffy omelette with your choice of three toppings:  cheese, onion, bacon, tomatoes, toasted peppers, baby spinach or feta 19.50

Bangers & Mash - fresh pork sausages served on a tradional irish mash with broccoli, baby peas and onion jus  24.50


Toast or egg 3.00 each
Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms 5.00 each
Bacon or sausages 5.00 each
Potato rosti 5.00

Lunch Menu

Pumpkin and beetroot salad with roast paprika, pumpkin, beetroot and chickpea salad served with feta and pita chrisps 19.50

Mushroom Arancini with basil pesto, parmesan and salad greens 20.00

Tandori Chicken Salad - served in a tortilla basket with peanut satay & yoghurt sauce    21.00

Scotch fillet steak sandwich with caramelised onions, mushrooms, lettuce and aiolo on sourdough bread 22.00

Fish and chips beer battered, crumbed or panfried served with salad 24.00

Beef burger angus beef pattie with beetroot, lettuce, and fried egg 20.00

Fish burger crumbed fish fillet with tomato, lettuce and relish 20.00

Falafel burger crispy falafel pattie with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and yoghurt sauce 20.00

Chicken burger crumbed chicken fillet with tomato, lettuce, onion jam, bacon and brie 24.00

All served with fries and tomato sauce

Dinner Menu

Grilled garlic bread 10.00

Breads and dips sourdough with dips 15.00

Mushroom Arancini with basil pesto, parmesan and salad greens 20.50

Pumpkin and beetroot salad paprika roast pumpkin and beetroot salad with chickpeas, feta and pita crisps 19.50

Pan-fried haloumi with roast pepper, lettuce and grilled lemon 19.50

Salt and pepper squid with wasabi dressed salad and chilli ginger dipping sauce 21.00

Tandori Chicken Salad -served in a tortilla basket with peanut satay & Yoghurt sauce 21.00

Fish and chips battered, crumbed or panfried served with salad 24.00

Pork ribs glaced with London Porter BBQ sauce, wedges and sour cream 24.00

Scotch eye fillet with potato and kumara gratin, parsnip puree and portobello mushrooms 37.00

Pork belly slow cooked served with choucroute, horseradish mash and an onion jam jus 28.50

Kid's Menu

Pita pizza tomato sauce, ham and cheese 11.50

Mini hot dogs and fries 10.50

Kid's burger tomato sauce lettuce and fries 10.50

Kid's battered hoki fries and chips 10.50

Kids pasta - fresh futtucini in a creamy cheese sauce with tomato, spinach & bacon 13.00

Pita Pockets - crisp bacon salad stuffed into freshly toasted pita pockets with tomato & cheese  13.00

Tandoori Chicken Wrap - Tandoori chicken strips with lettuce,tomato & cucumber, served on a tortilla wrap with yoghurt sauce 13.00

Blackboard Menu (this changes regularly)

Pasta of the day - bacon, mushrooms, sundried tomato, baby spinach in a creamy cheese sauce on fresh fettuccine 22.00

Flounder- whole flounder served with a lemon caper sauce - choice of salad and fries or fresh cooked vege 29.00

Finn's seafood chowder smoked fish, mussels, prawns, potato and bacon in a rich creamy chowder served with kumara shavings 19.50

Bangers & Mash - fresh port sausages served with a tradional isrish mash with broccolini, baby peas and onion jam  jus   24.50

Chargrilled lamb rump with a balsamic reduction served with tomatoes, mushrooms and yoghurt mint sauce 29.00

We Have A Selection Of Craft Beers On Tap!